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Tosin Lepe is currently studying at Raindance Film School, ran by the internationally recognised Raindance Film Festival. She graduated from The Brit School for Performing Arts and Technology with an A*A*A* in 'Film and Media Production'. 
Tosin partook in the regional BFI Film Academy hosted by CTVC/VividEcho, where she directed, co-created and produced a 3 minute film called 'Static' which was screened at The Focus Film Festival and selected to be part of IndieWise Virtual Film Festival.

Out of 300 applicants, Tosin was one of the 66 young filmmakers chosen to participate in the 2016 BFI Film Academy hosted by The National Film and Television School. There, she specialised in the craft of producing and made a 10 minute film called 'The Fighting Irish', which has been screened at The Portobello Film Festival, The British Urban Film Festival & British Shorts Berlin 2017.
Tosin has been mentored by a range of industry professionals. Some of which include; Screenwriter - Brian Ward &
Love Productions Director and Producer - Claire McFall.
Due to her participation in the BFI Film Academy programme, Tosin was selected by her training organisation to receive mentoring from a BAFTA member in the film industry - Producer, Laura Hastings Smith. 
As part of, and extending past the Eastside Educational Trust 'Females in Film' programme, as of 2018, Tosin is being mentored by Producer, Sophia Ramcharan.
Tosin is also a co-founder of Cypher Ltd and was the head designer and manager of BMoneyWize Game Ltd. Tosin was a co-founder of Blacpire Ltd.
Enthusiastic and passionate about film making, Tosin is always looking for new, exciting and innovative projects to work on. She is a creative storyteller who has more stories lined up for production. 
Tosin recently started her own production company, Leol Films, and will be producing films, music videos, and other commercial and non-commercial content. Leol Films is set to be releasing content in 2019.