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Sundance Ignite Film Challenge 2017 - Producer

Shawn has always felt out of place. Hoping for a fresh start, he goes to a barbershop to get rid of his overgrown, unkempt locks. At first he feels threatened in this hyper-masculine environment, until another barber, Joe, asks him up to his barber’s chair. As more of Shawn’s hair falls away, he starts to see himself and his problems in a different light​

- Barbican Chronic Youth Film Festival 2018

- Barnes Film Festival 2018

- Barnes Film Festival Short Film Competition 2018

- Indiwise Convention Finalist 2018

Social Media:

Twitter: @shawnshortfilm

Instagram: @shawnshortfilm

Facebook: @shawnshortfilm

Producer - Tosin Lepe
Director - Gaurang Sharma
Cinematographer - Brionny Vaus
Editor/Sound - Gabriel Monk-Lane

Shawn Promo Shot
Shawn enter shop
Shawn Close Up
Shawn Promo Shot
Shawn enter shop
Shawn Close Up
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